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About Us

About Us

25 years ago we started our career in entertainment business. Using various kinds of sound and recording equipment we received valuable experience while working as operators and then engineers in one of the music recording studios in Minsk, Belarus.

Back in 80s organizing concerts and promoting the singers of that time we were the first ones to announce the impossibility of lip-sync performances.

At the beginning of 90s we opened our first music store where only original, high quality audio cassettes, CD and DVD were sold, while the entire market was full of stolen, as we used to call it "fake" audio and video output.

Since that time our principles and views haven't changed, instead we became more professional with years. Thus, in 2008 Canada Concert appeared. Our company sells tickets and arranges concert tours for singers, music groups, actors on the territory of North America. Also, we promote young singers, groups who sing in English, or would like to start their career in North America.

Having 25 years of experience we can proudly say that we know everything or almost everything in this business and ready to continue working with everyone who has talent and strong desire.

Sergei Razhkov
Founder of Canada Concert

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